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District Manager of the Year Award
Cedar Enterprises

Magnifying_glass_icon.svg.urlCedar’s senior management team oversees the operations of all markets and provides operational, human resources, training, IT, finance and accounting, and marketing support to each of the divisions.  The Company’s Divisional Vice Presidents are located in their regions and manage five to ten district managers who each oversee the operations of five to eight restaurants.  Each Divisional Vice President is directly responsible for all of the activities of their business unit and work very closely with the Company’s Columbus-based corporate staff.

Photo at left: A quick photo of some of Cedar’s Senior Team at the Company’s 2010 District Managers Conference in San Diego, CA.  Pictured left to right:  Shawn Hiller, Vice President, Controller;  Jim Evans, President; Gina Garcia, Division Vice President of Las Vegas; David Murdock, Retired Vice President of Human Resources, Boyd Johanson, Senior Vice President of Operations;  Steve Socrates, Vice President of Indianapolis/Trident Foods; David Antis; Divisional Vice President of Seattle/SeaWend; and Michael Paine, Divisional Vice President of Hartford.
Not pictured is Derrick Garcia, Divisional Vice President of San Antonio; Andy Boothby, Vice President of Engineering and Development; Debbie Harmon, Director of H.R. Services; Laurie Bergeson, Director of Training; Traci Mills, Director of Marketing.



Cedar-Operations-DM-AwardDISTRICT MANAGER OF THE YEAR AWARD is the most prestigious honor awarded to a District Manager in all of Cedar Enterprises. It is a symbol of hard work and dedication and signifies the best in the field. We award the  2012 DM of the Year Award to Nassar Bashir of the Cedar of New England Market

Pictured left to right is Michael Paine, DVP ; and Nassar Bashir, DM.


History-picCedar Enterprises, Inc. began operation in 1975 as Wendy’s of Las Vegas, Inc. The company founder, Joseph D. Karam, personally knew Dave Thomas, Wendy’s International, Inc. founder, through their work with charitable organizations in the Columbus community. Their friendship flourished and as Dave was looking for investors to develop Wendy’s, he naturally turned to Joe Karam.

Photo at left: In December of 1975, Joseph D. Karam, at far right holding the shovel, breaks ground for Cedar’s first Wendy’s Restaurant.  Holding the Wendy’s  banner from left to right is Mike Toukan; Contractor; Bill Patterson; Jim Ebert, Real Estate; and Joe Karam.